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This tier represents the pinnacle of a Puerto Rico's design and innovation landscape, showcasing industrial classes and industries where Puerto Rico excels. It reflects areas of exceptional capability, where creativity, expertise, and competitive advantage converge, highlighting sectors that not only drive the Puerto Rico's reputation forward but also set the benchmark for excellence on a global scale.

Rank Industry ID Score
1 Jewelry Design 49 292
2 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design 4 144

Mature Capabilities

Occupying this tier are industries and sectors where Puerto Rico has established a mature and robust presence. These industrial categories underscore a solid foundation of skill, experience, and market development, representing areas of reliable strength and consistent performance. They illustrate the Puerto Rico's capacity to sustain and evolve its industrial and creative endeavors.


This segment identifies emerging industrial classes and industries ripe for development and growth within Puerto Rico. It pinpoints areas where potential is high, yet full capabilities are not yet realized, offering a roadmap for strategic investment and innovation. These categories represent fertile ground for future advancements, where nurturing talent and resources can lead to significant gains in global standings.

Rank Industry ID Score
5 Furniture Design 1 4

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